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Pixel Princess Blitz



- Sandbox Roguelite Action RPG -


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What is PPB?

Pixel Princess Blitz is a roguelite action RPG
which focuses on randomized dungeons, randomized loot,

a highly versatile combat system and

a powerful story tied to your meta progression.

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Arms race

Utilize the limited resources at your disposal carefully and get ready for future challenges: Your enemies will keep getting stronger over time.

You must equip yourself with the randomized loot

and combine your items, skills, and artifacts

in order to survive against the menace.

story and adventure

Numerous text-based sudden encounters and longer campaigns stand ready, offering a variety of actions and speech options to choose from.


Your choices reward or punish you, and sometimes even entail long-term consequences... for 'RPG' is more than just about killing things and finding loot!

Roll-dodge, strike, slash, shoot arrows, throw potions and bombs, cast powerful magic spells, and summon guardians against hordes of savage enemies and merciless huge bosses in fierce real-time combat!


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Kuruna Full 1
Liselotte Full 1
Concept Art - Dungeon
Action Card - Stealth
Action Card - Instigator
Action Card - Meditation
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Crowdfunding Campaign
currently closed

The development of Pixel Princess Blitz is well underway.

The crowdfunding campaign is closed at the moment,

but the existing backers are unaffected by this.

As soon as the rewards become available,

you will get notified and receive your rewards.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Genre: Roguelite Action RPG

Planned Platformes: PC/Mac/Linux, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: TBA 2022

Supported Languages: English, 한국어, 日本語

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